Poinciana Golf Club was designed by Leon Hugh Howard in 1976. Howard, a native of Graham, Texas was a graduate of Texas A & M University with a degree in Soil Physics. Howard designed fifty-eight golf courses around the United Sates with the majority in Texas. He passed away in 2014 at the age of eighty-six. Poinciana Golf Club is a well-designed executive course that is well bunkered, has well defined, elevated greens and a variety of holes. Poinciana is the only executive golf course in Palm Beach County which offers par five holes. Poinciana has three par fives, four par fours and eleven par threes. Players of all ability levels can play and enjoy Poinciana Golf Club. Poinciana offers a putting green and a large practice net which handles five golfers.

Hole 1, Par 3, Blue 148, White 130, Red 115

The opening hole is a par three which has a bunker left of the green and a lateral water hazard to the left. The green slopes from back to front and from right to left. The hole is slightly uphill so hit an extra club.

Hole 2, Par 5, Blue 550, White 475, Red 426

Our longest and most difficult par five is a dogleg right hole with out of bounds to the left and trees on the right. A lateral water hazard lies just to the right of the trees. Two fairway bunkers mark the landing area of your second shot. The hole doglegs from here with approach shots from 100 to 150 yards to a relatively flat green with bunkers left and over.

Hole 3, Par 3, Blue 148, White 143, Red 138

A par three with two bunkers left and a pond well to the right with a small flat green. This hole plays into the wind the majority of the time.

Hole 4, Par 3, Blue 144, White 130, Red 121

A par three with out of bounds left and bunkers left and right. This slightly elevated green makes golfers carry the ball all the way to the green. Be careful on this hole when the wind is in your face.

Hole 5, Par 5, Blue 450, White 400, Red 392

A short par five with out of bounds well left and a bunker bisecting the left half of the fairway creates trouble on this hole. A long thin green with bunkers left and right require accurate second or third shots. A good birdie opportunity awaits you on this hole.

Hole 6, Par 3, Blue 135, White 119, Red 106

A huge deep bunker protects this green on the left side with another bunker to the rear. A large green with slope on the left confronts the golfers.

Hole 7, Par 3, Blue 162, White 127, Red 118

A tricky par three over water has a large bunker on the front right as well as a bunker left and another to the rear making this hole a tough target. The back right pin placement is the toughest to negotiate.

Hole 8, Par 3, Blue 167, White 141, Red 119

The longest par three on the front has three bunkers surrounding a small green. A large bunker in front with another on the left and one behind the green. This hole dictates an accurate shot.

Hole 9, Par 4, Blue 400, White 350, Red 284

The only par four on the front nine is a good one. The tee shot on this slight dogleg left is defined by a large tree on the left and a number of trees along the right. A canal bisects the fairway at about the two hundred fifty yard point. A large sloping green is protected by bunkers left and right.

Hole 10, Par 5, Blue 470, White 425, Red 360

This dogleg right par five offers a tee shot with out of bounds and trees left and numerous trees down the right. The second shot must be played down to the corner or player can attempt to go over the trees to reach the green in two shots. A well bunkered green awaits the player with hazards front left and back right. This green has some tricky pin placements.

Hole 17, Par 3, Blue 135, White 115, Red 104

A short par three has a green which slopes front the back right corner to front left edge. A bunker guards the front left and another is over the green. This slightly elevated green rejects shots landing short or right.

Hole 16, Par 3, Blue 175 White 156, Red 143

Our longest par three plays from south to north with a large bunker in front and another on the right. One of our biggest greens will test the golfers.

Hole 15, Par 4, Blue 375, White 300, Red 275

Our toughest par four is a dogleg right with a pond along the right and out of bounds left. A few trees protect the path to the green along the right side. A wide, but shallow green with bunkers front left and over awaits the golfers.

Hole 14, Par 3, Blue 180, White 162, Red 148

A difficult par three with some tall trees protecting the right side of the hole along with greenside bunker. The left side is sloped sharply away from the green surface.

Hole 13, Par 3, Blue 85, White 77, Red 69

The shortest of our eleven par threes measures under one hundred yards. Two bunkers protect the front of the green. This is a definite birdie opportunity.

Hole 12, Par 4, Blue 325, White 300, Red 284

A short par four with a fairway bunker on the left and three bunkers surrounding the green. Out of bounds on the left is marked by Via Poinciana. A medium sized green sloped front to back confronts the golfer.

Hole 11, Par 3, Blue 162, White 128, Red 111

This short, but demanding par three offers a wide, but not very deep green. The green sits slightly higher than the tee with a big bunker in front and another behind the putting surface. Distance control is very important on number eleven.

Hole 18, Par 3, Blue 350, White 300, Red 272

A short, but demanding par four, has a pond and trees on the left and tall trees on the right. A big bunker in front collects numerous balls with two other bunker back left and right. A wide, but shallow green sloping from back to front challenges the golfer.